Sunday, March 18, 2012

For the love of brothers~

Okay, so maybe this picture isn't what most people had in mind, but these are my boys. Cosmo Kramer (the French Bulldog) and Peter Kieffer my four year old, kiss /hug dispenser, and absolute joy of my life. Cosmo aka Mo and Peter are like brothers. They bug each other daily, (the picture is a fine example of that) yet have so much love for one another. Peter looks for Mo first thing in the morning to give him a kiss and pat on the head. If Peter has gotten hurt and is crying Mo runs to Peter, sits by his side and howls. They don't share a language, but their bond is incredible. A true love for one another. My boys.....

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  1. I love your boys!!!!!! Sweet post Patty. Keep them coming:) Hugs~ Kim