Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My son made me cry today~

My son has been asking to have a surprise day. Meaning a day we can go bring surprises to people of his choosing. I made that promise and today was that day. (Of course another scorching HOT day. I have already mentioned I don't care for the heat.) His thoughtfulness just makes me choke up thinking about it.

First, he wanted to bring flowers to his friends. I told him the thought was great, but most of them would be in school and 3 & 4 yr old boys probably wouldn't appreciate the flowers so much. Peter quickly pointed out "thems moms do." Off we went to buy flowers. He told me that we needed to buy lots, because he wanted to surprise LOTS of people. ( My eyes got a bit misty.)
That was our day. Peter telling me who he wanted to give flowers to and I drove him there. After every flower he would say "That made thems so happy! Let's do more!" At one point he told me I might need to buy more flowers. There are several more people he wants to give flowers to, but timing for us/them was off. As I pulled into the driveway this afternoon he told me today made him really happy. I asked why? Peter "cuz I gave people smiles." (Yep, I cried again.)


Monday, September 19, 2011

Welcome to the neighborhood~

Lots of changes in the neighborhood these past few weeks. I really don't like change. I would be happy living next to/across from the same people (if I liked them) for the rest of my life.  But then again, life is about change. Moving, growing, learning, and striving for something different. It's all change.

That being said new neighbors are in town. I miss the old neighbors dearly. Had a very hard time explaining to my son that we just can't pop across the street anymore for a visit. It will take a little more timing/planning. The almost 4yr old still doesn't quite grasp the concept and there are days of tears about the subject. In his short time on this earth these friends had been a constant in his life. I cry as well. Not just because my son is hurting, but because I miss what was or could have been. You know the stuff  you took for granted living across the street from someone. We can get together another day. "Oh thanks for the invite, but I have to clean the kitchen, take a shower, make lunch, water my plants, save the world." Or whatever the excuse was. Let's be honest, if tomorrow, for some reason was the last day you were to live, do you think you would be saved another day because your kitchen wasn't clean, or you hadn't showered yet, or the plants needed water?  NOPE.

Since I have moved into the neighborhood (9 years ago) I try and do something for the new people that have moved on the street. Cookies are baking right now. A little mum plant, bottle of special fruit juice and a note that says welcome. I do for them, what I wish someone would have done for us. Mister Rogers I am not, but "Welcome to the neighborhood."

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Me and MY $%#@ Garden...

Lovely day today. A bit on the HOT side for me ( I really dislike the heat.) But lovely just the same. I visited with a good friend this morning while she got a pedicure. Then off to the Farmer's Market.
It's pretty sad that I have to purchase tomatoes at the F.M. because the 3 plants I have in the backyard aren't producing. I think we have harvested a total of 6 tomatoes. Every year, I purchase my veggie plants: tomatoes ,zucchini, pepper, and this year we included strawberries. Every year, I am filled with excitement when I put them in the containers, chat with them about how well they will grow,and how nice it will be just to walk out back and pick a FRESH whatever. Every year, my husband shakes his head and asks "why do you put yourself through this?" ( I am certain, secretly he is thinking "Why do you put me through this? Because I'm the one that waters everything.")
My garden is like a diet. Sounds good at the start, once it starts not working out I wonder "WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING?" Oh well, that is life!
There are already thoughts swirling around in my head! What should I plant next year?????