Sunday, February 10, 2019

A Parent's Worst Nightmare

     My work deals with death and tragedy. However, rarely am I connected to those suffering loss or tragedy.
February 5th, I pulled our local paper up online and read a headline about a local graduate who died in a car crash. When I opened the article, I saw a picture of a young man playing basketball and noticed the notation that he graduated in 2009. My first thought was, surely you could have come up with a better headline, since he graduated almost 10yrs ago. Then I saw the name. My heart sank. A name I knew. Not from meeting the young man personally, but from knowing his mother for the last 15yrs and hearing all about him while he was growing up, while she did my hair. I didn't sleep well that night. I thought about that family and their loss. I also stared at my son. All I could think while staring at him, "You are my world."
     Another friend and I attended his memorial service at a local high school this past Saturday. The gymnasium was packed. The church pastor spoke, his father, his sister, his brother in law. Then they opened it to anyone that wanted to come up and share a story. The thing that resonated the most was how kind he was, and how in his twenty six years of life, he impacted so many. That was apparent by the amount of people that attended his memorial.
     My heart hurts for them. No words, flowers, or cards are going to ease their pain. Their lives have forever changed. They have experienced the hardest loss and are dealing with a parent's worst nightmare.

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