Monday, September 19, 2011

Welcome to the neighborhood~

Lots of changes in the neighborhood these past few weeks. I really don't like change. I would be happy living next to/across from the same people (if I liked them) for the rest of my life.  But then again, life is about change. Moving, growing, learning, and striving for something different. It's all change.

That being said new neighbors are in town. I miss the old neighbors dearly. Had a very hard time explaining to my son that we just can't pop across the street anymore for a visit. It will take a little more timing/planning. The almost 4yr old still doesn't quite grasp the concept and there are days of tears about the subject. In his short time on this earth these friends had been a constant in his life. I cry as well. Not just because my son is hurting, but because I miss what was or could have been. You know the stuff  you took for granted living across the street from someone. We can get together another day. "Oh thanks for the invite, but I have to clean the kitchen, take a shower, make lunch, water my plants, save the world." Or whatever the excuse was. Let's be honest, if tomorrow, for some reason was the last day you were to live, do you think you would be saved another day because your kitchen wasn't clean, or you hadn't showered yet, or the plants needed water?  NOPE.

Since I have moved into the neighborhood (9 years ago) I try and do something for the new people that have moved on the street. Cookies are baking right now. A little mum plant, bottle of special fruit juice and a note that says welcome. I do for them, what I wish someone would have done for us. Mister Rogers I am not, but "Welcome to the neighborhood."

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  1. I miss you guys so much. There was always such a comfort knowing you were just right across the way.