Sunday, September 18, 2011

Me and MY $%#@ Garden...

Lovely day today. A bit on the HOT side for me ( I really dislike the heat.) But lovely just the same. I visited with a good friend this morning while she got a pedicure. Then off to the Farmer's Market.
It's pretty sad that I have to purchase tomatoes at the F.M. because the 3 plants I have in the backyard aren't producing. I think we have harvested a total of 6 tomatoes. Every year, I purchase my veggie plants: tomatoes ,zucchini, pepper, and this year we included strawberries. Every year, I am filled with excitement when I put them in the containers, chat with them about how well they will grow,and how nice it will be just to walk out back and pick a FRESH whatever. Every year, my husband shakes his head and asks "why do you put yourself through this?" ( I am certain, secretly he is thinking "Why do you put me through this? Because I'm the one that waters everything.")
My garden is like a diet. Sounds good at the start, once it starts not working out I wonder "WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING?" Oh well, that is life!
There are already thoughts swirling around in my head! What should I plant next year?????

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